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Our projects focus primarily on the following four areas:

Corporate Communications
One of our main activities is translating internal and external
communications into English for various public and private
corporations in Germany. We translate annual and quarterly
financial reports plus the accompanying press releases,
presentations, and speeches for communications and investor
relations departments. This requires maximum flexibility to
ensure rapid turnaround as well as a thorough understanding
of the world of finance. We also translate employee news-
letters, an endeavor that calls for a more journalistic style.
Whether intended for internal or external publication, all of
our translations undergo a multi-stage editing process.

The accounting documents we translate range from financial
statements and audit reports to accounting manuals for
multinational corporations and accounting firms. These highly
demanding translations are carried out by experienced
translators with training in accountancy or equivalent practical
experience. We are familiar with the intricacies of HGB,
IFRS, and U.S. GAAP accounting and refer frequently to the
original standards to guarantee accuracy.

Investment Banking/Retail Banking/M&A
Our customers in retail and investment banking and M&A
include leading banks and consulting firms. This too is an area
in which our clients rely on quick reaction times and a high
degree of expertise. Projects frequently involve information
memorandums for M&A advisories and research reports for

Legal Documents
We have many years of experience in translating contracts,
legal opinions, and articles for publication in legal journals for
law firms and the legal departments of multinational
corporations. Our legal translation team includes qualified
attorneys from Germany, the USA, and the UK. We can also
certify our translations if necessary.



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