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Legal and financial texts can be translated with precision only
if the translator is familiar with the subject matter and fluent in
the specialized technical terminology. However, very few
translators are knowledgeable about Anglo-Saxon legal systems
or the distinctive features of IFRS/IAS, U.S. GAAP, and HGB

At Gehlert Translations, we distinguish ourselves through our
knowledge of these subject areas. We work with practicing
lawyers, analysts, and accountants who are well-qualified to
translate challenging legal and financial documents. Our
translators grasp the inherent meaning of the material they
translate and are able to understand it in a larger context. We
have assembled a network of highly skilled experts in order to
ensure the highest quality and greatest flexibility. This network
also allows us to complete large projects within a reasonable
time frame. Our team of translators is supported by in-house
quality control, which includes proofreading, editing, and
revision, and by our competent project management.



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